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 Sunday February 11

   6:30 p.m.

 Training for English Rider Levels Evaluators

  Paperwork & Protocols

Zoom Seminar
Sunday, February 11th at 6:30 p.m.
This free session is designed to train current English Instructors and Coaches on the paperwork required for Rider Levels 1 through 4. The testing documents and paperwork protocols will be explained in detail.
This session is open to NCCP Instructors & Coaches who have an Equestrian Canada Coach License status – current or pending. Only EC Licensed coaches may deliver and evaluate the Rider Level program.
In-person Rider Level evaluation training and updating will be offered on an as-needed basis later this year. Watch for news.
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A similar session will be offered to western Instructors and Coaches soon. Watch for news in your email and upcoming newsletters. 

 As required 

Training for English Rider Levels Evaluators

  In-person mentoring & qualifying


NCCP-certified and EC-Licensed instructors and coaches wishing to become trained/updated Rider Level Evaluators will attended Rider Level testing sessions along with a provincial Evaluator to practice the procedures and standards expected. These sessions will be arranged in pairs or small groups and occur during real Rider Level testing days at stables in various locations.

Please contact the NBEA to indicate your interest in attending a session. 




 Announcing the NBEA's

Coaching Handbook and Resources


Access to this platform is free to current NBEA members.

Each online handbook leads you, step-by-step, through the process

of becoming a certified NCCP Instructor or Coach. 

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 EC Temporary Coach Status

Equestrian Canada is offering Temporary Coach status for those who will be coaching at sanctioned competitions in 2024 and who do not yet have an  EC Licensed Coach status.

  • Those coaching at Bronze and Gold  competitions must have a Licensed Coach status.

 Those without must purchase a Temporary Coach status, either at the show office or in advance. Getting it in advance is highly recommended.

Application Form



How to Self-Report PD Activities in "The Locker"


Resources for Coaches wishing to acquire either the Registered Coach Status or the Coach Licence Status


 How to Apply for Registered Coach Status       

non-certified coaches, candidates 

How to Apply for Licensed Coach Status

 certified coaches