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 EC Temporary Coach Status

Equestrian Canada is implementing a Temporary Coach status for those who will be coaching at sanctioned competitions as of July 1st and who do not have the required EC Coach status.

  • Those coaching at Bronze competitions must have at least a Registered Coach status.
  • Those coaching at Gold competitions must have a Licensed Coach status.

 Those without must purchase a Temporary Coach status, either at the show office or in advance. Getting it in advance is highly recommended.

Application Form



How to Self-Report PD Activities in "The Locker"


Upcoming events:


 English Coaching Prep clinics

 Practice and experience the teaching phases of the Instructor or Competition Coach evaluation with support and feedback. 

 Dates & locations to be determined

 September 9th & 10th

Western Instructor prep clinic

Helen Smith 

Dream Meadow Stables, 1104 Route 130, Grand Falls


 fall - late September, early October


Instructor & Competition Coach Certification



Tentatively scheduled; dependant on number of interested candidates. Contact the NBEA to confirm you place.

All candidates must have prerequisites in place by the end of August:

  • Rider Level 6 (Instructor); Rider Level 8 (Comp Coach)
  • "Making Ethical Decisions" evaluation
  • EC Registered or Licensed Coach Status (see below)



Resources for Coaches wishing to acquire either the Registered Coach Status or the Coach Licence Status


 How to Apply for Registered Coach Status       

non-certified coaches, candidates 

How to Apply for Licensed Coach Status

 certified coaches


So far in 2023...

February 19th 
 Instructor and Comptition Coach Certification
     webinar with Danielle Yaghdjian
 March 19th 

 Lesson Planning for Instructors, Coaches, and Candidates

     webinar with Danielle Yaghdjian
 June 11th

 English Instructor & Competition Coach

     Certification Evaluation


 A look back at 2022...

  *Webinars with Master Coach Developer, Master Learning Facilitator, and coach evaluator Danielle Yaghdjian from Pickering, Ontario

 January 23rd *

 The Pathway to Becoming an Instructor

 January 30th *

 Moving Up the Certification Ladder

 February 20th *

 Lesson Planning for Instructor and Coach Candidates

 April 9th, 10th 

 Equestrian Coaching Theory Workshop

 April 23rd, 24th

 Lunging Demonstrations - Rider Levels 5 & 6, Instructor & Comp Coach eval expectations

 April 30, May 1

 English Certification Prep Clinic #1

 May 7th, 8th

 English Certification Prep Clinic #2

 June 5

  NCCP English Certification Evaluation


  • Elizabeth Clark - Competition Coach
  • Amanda Gallant - Instructor with Jump
  • Stéphane Fournier - Instructor with Jump
  • Lottie Young - Instructor
  • Rachel Landry - Jump module


 English Certification Prep opprtunities #3 - individual sessions

 August 6

 English Certification Prep Clinic #4

 Sept 1-11

 Western Certification Prep Clinic with Helen Smith

 October 1

  NCCP English Certification Evaluation


    • Katie Hess - Instructor

    • Michelle Hansen - Instructor

    • Beata Machel - Instructor

    • Valerie O'Hara - Instructor with Jump

 October 15

  NCCP Western Instructor Certification Evaluation


  • Elizabeth Boisvert*
  • Jennifer Corbett*
  • Lily Durepos*
  • Amanda Legassie
  • Monika Saulnier

*some components to complete

 October 28


NCCP English Competition Coach Evaluation

Congratulations, Suzanne Stevenson!