Pertinent News and Updates for

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 including preparation, training, and evaluation events - 2022


Upcoming events:

June 4

 NCCP English Instructor/Coach Certification Evaluation

  Fredericton area

 Rider Level and EC Registered Coach status due May 4th

 Oct 1-2

 NCCP English Instructor/Coach Certification Evaluation


Rider Level and EC Registered Coach status due September 1st




Resources for Coaches wishing to acquire either the Registered Coach Status or the Coach Licence Status



How to Apply for Registered Coach Status       

non-certified coaches, candidates 


How to Apply for Licensed Coach Status

 certified coaches


 Earlier this year...

Webinars with Master Coach Developer, Master Learning Facilitator, and coach evaluator

Danielle Yaghdjian from Pickering, Ontario

 January 23rd 

 The Pathway to Becoming an Instructor

 January 30th 

 Moving Up the Certification Ladder

 February 20th 

 Lesson Planning for Instructor and Coach Candidates

 April 9th, 10th 

 Equestrian Coaching Theory Workshop

 April 23rd, 24th

 Lunging Demonstrations - Rider Levels 5 & 6, Instructor & Comp Coach eval expectations

 April 30, May 1

 Prep Clinic #1

 May 7th, 8th

 Prep Clinic #2