Rookie Riders





What is the Rookie Riders program?

 Rookie Riders is designed as the first step to start kids on the equestrian development Pathway, introducing riding skills, horses and horsemanship to children between 6 and 12 years of age. Students begin on a safe barrel “horse”, learning riding and gymnastic activities that begin the development of the skills used in equestrian sport.  The program teaches key physical and mental horseback riding skills – balance, body control, agility, flexibility and co-ordination – off the horse.


The program also provides:


  • Introduction and reinforcement of movement skills that fall within the FUNdamental Stage of Long Term Equestrian and Athlete Development.
  • Group and individual activities
  • Physical, mental, and emotional engagement
  • A strong foundation in the National Learn to Ride Program - Level 1 (English and Western)


At the completion of the program, the child receives:


  • A Rookie Riders Progress Report and Certificate of Completion
  • A “Ticket to Ride” that entitles the child to one free lesson on a real horse with a certified instructor/coach. The mounted equine lesson also teaches emotional control.


Who can teach the program?

  •  Where the Rookie Rider program is delivered in full (horsemanship, barrel and mounted segments) the Instructor must be NCCP Certified as an equestrian instructor or coach.
 New Brunswick Coaches and Instructors with Rookie Rider training:


 Laura Burtt

 Megan Craft

 Frédérique Godin

 Michelle Hebert

 Stacey Hope

 Sarah King

 Iyesha Lackie

 Marcelle Légère

 Mindy Liptay

 Nancy McAlinden

 Donna McInnis



 Racheal Mea

 Sandy Montreuil

 Deanna Phelan

 Josée Plourde

 Kem Shears

 Nicole Smith

 Taylor Smith

 Michael Stokes

 Cyndy Toner

 Heather Touchie-Blakely

 Maggie Zinck


Where is the program taught?

  •  The Rookie Rider program can be taught anywhere…in a gymnasium, in a mall, at a summer camp, at a stable, in an arena, or a classroom.





The New Brunswick Equestrian Association offered training for coaches to be certified to offer the Rookie Riders program. 


August 17, 2019   

Geary Hill Stables  

Geary, NB

June 2, 2018   

Geary Hill Stables  

Geary, NB  

  June 3, 2018

  51 Acres Stable

  Lutes Mountain (Moncton), NB




If you are interested in offering Rookie Riders through your stable or youth group, please contact [email protected] to contect with a trained coach and get started.