Ride and Drive


The New Brunswick Equestrian Association appreciates the support of New Brunswick Greenhawk as the sponsor of the "NB Greenhawk Ride & Drive" reward program for NBEA members.

In the fall of 2009, NB Greenhawk approached the NBEA to see how they could assist in a program that would encourage individuals to spend more time with their equine partners. The NBEA Ride/Drive Program was a perfect fit.

Sign up now and track the time spent with your horse for your chance to receive awards.




Registration Form

Ride Drive Log Sheet


How to Log Your Ride/Drive Hours


Your one-time registration lasts your lifetime!

  • Sign up.

  • Start logging all your riding and/or driving hours. 

  • Submit your log at the end of September. 

  • Reap your REWARDS!

Milestone Prizes

Every rider who submits hours will also receive a certificate of accomplishment from the NBEA.

How can I sign up?

There are several methods:


Method 1: Add the Ride and Drive one-time registration to your NBEA membership. You'll see it as an option on the online membership purchase/renewal walk-through. 


Method 2: Already have your membership? Log on to your account here, click on the map for NB and choose the box for "Join/Renew - NBEA Individuals". Scroll down and find the checkbox for "+ Add NBEA Ride and Drive rewards program".   Click through the walk-through and you'll come to the option to pay for the Ride and Drive program. 


Method 3: Print of the registration form (link above) and mail it with your cheque or money order. 


Method 4: Print off the registration form and drop it off at the NBEA office at 900 Hanwell Road, Unit 31, Fredericton. 


Method 5: Email us. We'll get back to you to take your information and credit card details over the phone. 


Method 6: Fax your registration form and credit card details. 


Email: [email protected]                     Phone: (506) 454-2353                 Fax: (506) 454-2363


2021 Ride and Drive Program Prizes Recipients

2020 Ride and Drive Program Prizes Recipients

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2018 Ride and Drive Program Prizes Recipients