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Equestrian Canada Program Description Webpage 

Video - NBEA Session for Coaches

Program Description and Demo of the EC walk-through and ECampus system for acquiring a Coach Status

Questions that followed the presentation.pdf


 NBEA Powerpoint - Breakdown of the Program


How to Apply for Registered Coach Status       

non-certified coaches, candidates 


How to Apply for Licensed Coach Status

 certified coaches

Our insurance provider, Acera Insurance, now has a Client Advisor and Equine/Agricultural Specialist right here in New Brunswick!

We're happy to welcome Charity Tetrault to the Woodstock area. She'll be happy to help anyone with questions. 

If you have your coaching insurance with Acera, contact Charity, and she'll provide you with the form you need for your EC Coach Licence in no time!


Charity Tetrault

Toll Free: 1-888-394-3330

Email: [email protected]