NBEA Coaching Certification Incentive Program


$500.00 Grant

Obtaining your Coaching Certification is an important life-time achievement. As a certified Equestrian Canada Instructor of Beginners or Coach, your clients and students will know that you have achieved the highest standards in Canada for equestrian coaching, and adhere to best-practices in coaching. The NBEA would like to recognize the time, hard work, and dedication that go into achieving this goal, by offering a $500 grant to up to 10 applicants, upon successful completion of their Instructor of Beginners or Coach certification. Once you have successfully completed your certification assessment and have all your components up-to-date, your Coaching Coordinator will notify the NBEA office to issue your $500 grant.


Because funding is limited, candidates working with an approved mentor will be given priority. If you do not currently have a mentor, the NBEA will assist in matching you with someone appropriate.



Why Become an EC Certified Coach or Instructor?

Professional and Accountable 
Certified coaches are professionals who are expected to adhere to strict standards of the profession. Equestrian Canada coaches and instructors sign nationally accountable Codes of Ethics and Conduct. Written complaints about coaches are addressed. They are also required to maintain a current and clean police records report on file.

Knowledge and Technical Competence 
Coach candidates are assessed by very experienced equestrian coaching professionals. In addition to demonstrating coaching and teaching ability, coaches and instructors must demonstrate a high standard of competence in horsemanship, horse care, horse training, riding, business and other skills. They must show proof of continuing professional development activities to maintain certification status.

Safety and First Aid 
Trained in procedures, coaches hold a valid First Aid certificate which must be kept up to date for the coach to maintain certification.

Becoming certified and maintaining certification requires significant time and financial commitment on the part of the instructor/coach. Certification shows personal commitment to the sport and to giving their 
students the best they can.

Teaching and Coaching Best Practices 
Certified Coaches and Instructors have been trained and tested on their specific ability to teach and coach human athletes, using techniques and practices upheld by Sport Canada as best standard for coaching for all major sports in Canada. The coaching development curriculum is aligned with standard sport science and coaching skill principles and practices.

Conformance with growing requirement for and public expectation of certification in all amateur sports.