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General Information On Horse Shows


Check out our new horse show flier, outling the new general guidelines for competition in New Brunswick in 2019



2019 Bronze NBEA Year End Awards

criteria and guidelines


The parameters for earning points on this year’s Bronze competition circuit have been clarified for 2019.


  • Riders must compete in two Bronze shows in order to be eligible for year-end titles.
  • Points from Equitation classes are earned by the rider. Points for all other classes are earned by the horse, no matter who is riding.
  • Only classes listed in a competition’s approved prize list that match the posted descriptors will be eligible for points. As always, shows are free to offer any classes they wish, but only those that match our document will be counted for points.
  • Only classes that appear in the show's approved prize list will be counted.



DIVISIONS & CLASSES that will count for POINTS...

Ongoing POINTS TALLY - calculated following each Bronze Competition




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