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 As part of this year’s LTED program, the NBEA will be funding up to fifteen new riders to       attend their first sanctioned show in 2022.

    • 5 hunter/jumper competitors
    • 5 dressage competitors
    • 5 eventing competitors
Step 1. Submit your program registration form.
Step 2. Enter your sanctioned competition & send a copy to the NBEA. Submit no fees.*
Step 3. Compete and have fun!
Step 4. The NBEA will confirm with the competition secretary that you competed, and will send a cheque for the full cost of your entry directly to the show organizers.*

  • Riders will be funded on a first registered/first competed basis.
  • Riders must be NBEA members
  • Riders must have no record of having competed in any sanctioned competition before.
  • All fees payable with the competition entry will be covered – class or division fees, drug & admin fees, levies, and stabling. (Coaching will not be covered).
  • Only the sanctioned competitions listed on the registration document are eligible for funded entries. Thank you to those organizers for working with the NBEA to make this program possible!  Non-sanctioned competitions of any kind are not eligible.
  • Cancellation fees charged by competitions for entered riders withdrawing from the show will not be covered by the NBEA.

  **** Spaces stil available as of mid-August. Register today! ****

program description

program registration form


 * NOTE: DNB dressage shows will work differently, since their online entry system requires payment. We'll reimburse the rider after the competition, once confirmation has been received from DNB. 



The Capital Region Equestrian Association offers free competitions to Zone 3 riders attending their first sanctioned show at either their Dressage Show - September 10th or their Hunter-Jumper Show - September 17th. Click for details






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  • Want to try out sanctioned competitions but you're not sure what's expected?

  • Has it been some time since you were last in a show and you're wondering what's changed?

  • Does you child want to compete, but you're bewildered by the show world?

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The In Gate has gone virtual. The in-person sessions were filmed, and the subsequent sessions were turned into voiced-over presentations. Click on the title to head to The In Gate page of videos!



Bronze NBEA Year End Awards

criteria and guidelines


The parameters for earning points on this year’s Bronze competition circuit have been clarified:


  • Riders must compete in two Bronze shows in order to be eligible for year-end titles.
  • Points from Equitation classes are earned by the rider. Points for all other classes are earned by the horse, no matter who is riding.
  • Only classes listed in a competition’s approved prize list that match the posted descriptors will be eligible for points. As always, shows are free to offer any classes they wish, but only those that match our document will be counted for points.
  • Only classes that appear in the show's approved prize list will be counted.



DIVISIONS & CLASSES that will count for POINTS...



Prepare yourself for the competition season!

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Tune-Up Tuesdays

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