Youth Bursary




Congratulations to the eight recipients of the 2021 NBEA Youth Bursaries...

Audrey Albert


From: Anse-Bleue, NB – Zone 7

Coach: Mélanie deGrâce

Rider Level: Western 1

Goals: Audrey has been riding for 9 years, 6 of which have been on her gelding Tornada. She plans o continue to take lessons, train to compete in gymkhana, and participate in other clinics. She has been an active assistant teaching students’ basic stable management and horse care lessons. She plans to continue working through the western rider levels with an eye to becoming a western coach working with children.


Cassidy Walsh


From: Quispamsis – Zone 4

Rider Level: English 5

Coach: Elizabeth Clark

Goals: Cassidy is a passionate member of the Butternut Stables crew of competitive riders with her pony Daisy. She has been riding for 5 years, and has developed a passion for jumping and eventing. Her long-term goal is to someday compete at Foshay International. In the meantime, she’ll continue to compete in horse trials and work single-mindedly toward her English Rider Level 6.


Catherine Cormier

Age: 14

From: Ste. Anne de Madawaska – Zone 1

Rider Level: English 3; western 3

Coach: Cynthia Toner

Goals: Catherine has been riding for 5 years, studying both English and western and achieving the first 3 levels in both disciplines. All of her equestrian efforts are focused on continuing to build her skills and knowledge to acquire higher rider levels, building on her riding talents and stable management skills. Her long-term goal is to become a veterinarian.


Ingrid Tremblay


From: Quispamsis – Zone 4

Rider Level: English 4

Coach: Suzanne Stevenson

Goals: With nine years of riding experience and background in Pony Club, Ingrid recently became a new horse owner and is excited to start competition with her gelding Ollie. Ingrid loves to jump and has been working on eventing skills at Foshay South. In addition to competing, Ingrid plans to take clinics and work toward her English Rider Level 5.


Meagan Brazeau

Age: soon to be 15

From: Moncton – Zone 5

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Kathleen Bos

Goals: Meagan has been riding since she was three and has a background in 4H, including camps and Stampede Drill team with her own horse in Alberta. Moving to NB three years ago, Meagan has been focused on show jumping with an occasional stab at eventing. Her long-term goal is a spot on the Olympic show jumping squad, with plans this year to compete, take clinics at the Hampton Riding Centre, and work on her Rider Levels 3 and 4.


Mégane Gionet

Age: 15

From: Caraquet – Zone 7

Rider Level: western 1

Coach: Marcelle Légère

Goals: Mégane rides at L’Écurie de la Vielle Maison and is working toward her western Rider Level 2. She has an impressive resumé of accomplishments in competition in western equitation, pleasure, and extreme trail. Her long-term goal is to complete all the Rider Levels and become a trainer and coach. She would like to have her own stables someday.



Myla O'Dell

Age: 16

From: Crocker Hill – Zone 4

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Jane Stewart

Goals: Myla was introduced to riding and horsemanship through summer camps, but became a dedicated and hard-working student with the coaches at Stewart Sporthorses. She is passionate about learning both riding skills and all aspects of stable management and horse care. She is focused on her equestrian education and is working toward her Rider Level 3. She also hopes to begin competing in eventing this year.



Sydney LeBlanc

Age: 15

From: Quispamsis – Zone 4

Rider Level: Pony Club D1; testing for English 3 in June

Coach: Jennifer Hanson

Goals: Sydney has been an active and dedicated member of Pony Club and the Hampton Riding Centre for four years, with an impressive list of achievements at NB-PEI regional Pony Club rallies, quizzes, and tetrathlons. Her first forays into competitive eventing were equally successful. Sydney is just as focused on the care and management of horses, and plans to become a veterinarian