Youth Bursary


*Any Pony Club level will be accepted in place of an EC Rider Level.

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NBEA Coach Directory



 2022 NBEA Youth Bursary Recipients


 Alyssa Bourgoin


Town: Hamtown Corner

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Zoe Erichsen-Meesters

Currently: training her horse in eventing; working at Rohirrim Stables on weekends

Short-term Goals: eventing; competing at Foshay; moving up the Rider Levels

Long-Term Goals: own a boarding and lesson stable, and train horses



 Meagan Brazeau

Age: 16 shortly

Town: Saint-Philippe

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Sarah King

Currently: traveling from Moncton to Fredericton to train; mounted archery

Short-term Goals: Rider Levels 3 and 4; clinics; compete this summer at larger shows

Long-term Goals: Olympic show jumping team



 Julia Breen

 Age: 14

Town: Hampton

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Elizabeth Clark


Short-term Goals: Rider Level 4, continue to compete in dressage; more lessons

Long-Term Goals: Learn new techniques with a variety of coaches, compete at higher levels in dressage



 Lorena Burrell

Age: 15

Town: Bedell

Rider Level: English 3

Coach: Laura Burtt

Currently: twice-weekly lessons & daily work at the barn; training

Short-term Goals: clinics & competing in hunter/jumper shows with her new young horse

Long-Term Goals: compete at the Royal



 Alexandra Demers

 Age: 16

Town: Fredericton

Rider Level: English 4

Coach: Valerie Phelan

Currently: lessons and clinics with her new horse in jumping

Short-term Goals: move up to the 1.20m jumper division; qualify for the Royal

Long-Term Goals: training horses; teaching riders



 Reegan Kaye

Age: 14

Town: Quispamsis

Rider Level: Pony Club C flat

Coach: Samantha Atkinson          

Currently: training her horse in eventing

Short-term Goals: complete the over fences components of PC-C level; eventing clinics; compete at Entry level

Long-Term Goals: achieve Pony Club A level and move up the eventing levels



 Madeline Kee

Age: 14

Town: Wakefield

Rider Level: western 1

Coach: Michael Stokes      

Currently: riding & working at Stokes Quarter Horses; pleasure & trail riding

Short-term Goals: attend first clinic and show; bareback and liberty training 

Long-Term Goals: large animal vet or chiropractor; ride bareback without a bridle 



 Jenica Liptay

Age: 16

Town: Lower Cape

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Sheila Pickrell

Currently: competing in Jumpers; helping younger riders; developing young horses

Short-term Goals: bring her young horse up the jumper levels

Long-Term Goals: continue to train and compete in the jumper world




 Abigail Osmond

Age: 16

Town: Quispamsis

Rider Level: Pony Club D2

Coach: Lisa Hupman

Currently: active in Hammondvale Pony Club and riding at Kennedy Stables

Short-term Goals: Pony Club C; show and clinics this summer

Long-Term Goals: continue acquiring PC levels and badges



 Isaline Smyth

 Age: 16 shortly

Town: Smiths Creek

Rider Level: English 4

Coach: Susan Hill

Currently: further knowledge of dressage

Short-term Goals: complete RL5; more dressage competition

Long-Term Goals: moving up Rider and dressage levels