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2024 Youth Bursary Application Form



 2023 NBEA Youth Bursary Recipients

Congratulations to the ten recipents of the 2023 NBEA Youth Bursaries.

Thank you to all applicants, their coaches, and their NBEA member supporters.


 Lachlan Baskin

Age: 14

Town: Belleisle Creek

Rider Level: English 3; Pony Club - C

Coach: Sheila Pickrell

Short-term Goals:

focusing on bringing his new young horse along in his training through as many clinics, lessons, and outings as possible

Long-Term Goals: competing in EC Gold level hunters and equitation divisions at the highest levels.



 Breanne Crichton


Age: 15

Town: Bayside

Rider Level: English 4

Coach: Stéphane Fournier

Short-term Goals: complete Rider Level 5; gain more experience off-property at training events & competitions

Long-Term Goals: equestrian-centred career




 Novalee Girouard


Age: 14

Town: Miramichi

Rider Level: western 3

Coach: Monika Saulnier

Short-term Goals: skills development; complete western RL4

Long-Term Goals: qualify for World Championships




 Hannah Knorr


Age: 14

Town: Keswick Ridge

Rider Level: English 4; Pony Club D1

Coach: Mindy Liptay

Short-term Goals: move up to 0.9m Jumpers and 3’ children’s hunters; increasing knowledge; RL5

Long-Term Goals: progress in jumpers, expand knowledge & experience; make Team Canada




 Madeleine Lawlor


Age: 16

Town: Hanwell

Rider Level: Pony Clun - D

Coach: Heather Touchie-Blakely 

Short-term Goals: cross country jumping; helping younger students

Long-Term Goals: continued involvement in equestrian activities and training horses for competition




 Aynsley Liptay


Age: 14

Town: Lower Cape

Rider Level: English 3; Pony Club C

Coach: Sheila Pickrell        

Short-term Goals: qualify pony for Pony Jumpers at the Royal; bring along young ponies in training

Long-Term Goals: compete in equitation in Florida; someday do one of the big hunter derbies




 Camryn McMillan



Town: Fredericton

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Tamara Neadow

Short-term Goals: Rider levels 3 &4; compete provincially at 2’6”; improve dressage scores over last year

Long-Term Goals: to compete regionally and at the Royal




Victoria Robinson


Age: 14

Town: Quispamsis

Rider Level: Pony Club D1

Coach: Jennifer Hanson

Short-term Goals: compete in shows, test for Pony Club levels, participate in eventing clinics

Long-Term Goals: compete in regional and national jumper shows




 Kate Thibodeau


Age: 16

Town: Quispamsis

Rider Level: Pony Club D1

Coach: Samantha Atkinson

Short-term Goals: move up to Entry level; attend clinics; continue to earn PC levels

Long-Term Goals: complete more PC and eventing levels




 Annie Williamson


Age: 15

Town: Douglas

Rider Level: English 3

Coach: Zoe Erichsen-Meesters

Short-term Goals: Rider level 4; train over the summer & compete at Foshay in September

Long-Term Goals: complete all Rider Levels; become a horse owner; event