Youth Bursary

Congratulations to the ten recipents of the 2023 NBEA Youth Bursaries - see their bios below.

Thank you to all applicants, their coaches, and their NBEA member supporters.


*Any Pony Club level will be accepted in place of an EC Rider Level.



 2023 NBEA Youth Bursary Recipients


 Lachlan Baskin

Age: 14

Town: Belleisle Creek

Rider Level: English 3; Pony Club - C

Coach: Sheila Pickrell

Short-term Goals:

focusing on bringing his new young horse along in his training through as many clinics, lessons, and outings as possible

Long-Term Goals: competing in EC Gold level hunters and equitation divisions at the highest levels.



 Breanne Crichton


Age: 15

Town: Bayside

Rider Level: English 4

Coach: Stéphane Fournier

Short-term Goals: complete Rider Level 5; gain more experience off-property at training events & competitions

Long-Term Goals: equestrian-centred career




 Novalee Girouard


Age: 14

Town: Miramichi

Rider Level: western 3

Coach: Monika Saulnier

Short-term Goals: skills development; complete western RL4

Long-Term Goals: qualify for World Championships




 Hannah Knorr


Age: 14

Town: Keswick Ridge

Rider Level: English 4; Pony Club D1

Coach: Mindy Liptay

Short-term Goals: move up to 0.9m Jumpers and 3’ children’s hunters; increasing knowledge; RL5

Long-Term Goals: progress in jumpers, expand knowledge & experience; make Team Canada




 Madeleine Lawlor


Age: 16

Town: Hanwell

Rider Level: Pony Clun - D

Coach: Heather Touchie-Blakely 

Short-term Goals: cross country jumping; helping younger students

Long-Term Goals: continued involvement in equestrian activities and training horses for competition




 Aynsley Liptay


Age: 14

Town: Lower Cape

Rider Level: English 3; Pony Club C

Coach: Sheila Pickrell        

Short-term Goals: qualify pony for Pony Jumpers at the Royal; bring along young ponies in training

Long-Term Goals: compete in equitation in Florida; someday do one of the big hunter derbies




 Camryn McMillan



Town: Fredericton

Rider Level: English 2

Coach: Tamara Neadow

Short-term Goals: Rider levels 3 &4; compete provincially at 2’6”; improve dressage scores over last year

Long-Term Goals: to compete regionally and at the Royal




Victoria Robinson


Age: 14

Town: Quispamsis

Rider Level: Pony Club D1

Coach: Jennifer Hanson

Short-term Goals: compete in shows, test for Pony Club levels, participate in eventing clinics

Long-Term Goals: compete in regional and national jumper shows




 Kate Thibodeau


Age: 16

Town: Quispamsis

Rider Level: Pony Club D1

Coach: Samantha Atkinson

Short-term Goals: move up to Entry level; attend clinics; continue to earn PC levels

Long-Term Goals: complete more PC and eventing levels




 Annie Williamson


Age: 15

Town: Douglas

Rider Level: English 3

Coach: Zoe Erichsen-Meesters

Short-term Goals: Rider level 4; train over the summer & compete at Foshay in September

Long-Term Goals: complete all Rider Levels; become a horse owner; event