Benefits of Membership

New Brunswick Equestrian Association Membership... Everyone should have it... lesson students, barn staff, grooms, volunteers, parents... We all know that NBEA membership is "a must" for coaches, competitors, judges, etc. But why should the everyday rider, weekly lesson student, or parent be an NBEA member?

EVERYONE who rides, handles, or works around or with horses should have the protection of personal liability insurance & accident insurance in case of an injury or incident caused by a horse or horses. This will provide peace of mind for you as a parent, rider, student, groom, coach, etc.

$5,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance that will protect you, the member if you are sued by a third party because a horse that you own or lease causes property damage or bodily injury to a third party. This coverage is in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and covers the member anywhere in the world.

$40,000, Accident, Death or Dismemberment coverage if you, the member suffer a catastrophic and permanent injury (or death) related to an incident where horses are involved. This coverage is in force 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and covers the member anywhere in the world.

Part of the liability coverage provided through membership addresses the exposure that could arise if you, the member transport (trailer) a horse that does not belong to you (in a non-commercial situation). If that non-owned horse were injured as a result of your negligence and if that other person decided to sue you for compensation for their loss, the NBEA policy will respond - up to a limit of $10,000 for any one horse. Please note - this is not commercial horse transport insurance and is not life insurance for the horse being transported - this is liability insurance to protect you if you are sued by a third party.

Other Member Benefits Include:

  • Access to education through Rider, Instructor and Coaching certification programs. Funding in support of these programs is often available. 
  • Access to the NB Ride/Drive Program incentive program for recreational and competitive members
  • Members receive discounts through the Members First Program with companies such as John Deere
  • Members may subscribe to Horse & Pony Magazine, and/or Canadian Horse Journal Magazine via their NBEA membership registration, receiving discounted subscription rates.
  • Access to funding opportunities for athlete development and competition organization
  • An e-Newsletter delivered monthly
  • Year-end Provincial Awards for Competitive riders
  • NEW enhanced OPTIONAL insurance programs from CapriCMW Insurance Services;
  • "Members Tack", "Members Named Perils", "Optional Accident, Death or Dismemberment", and "Optional Travel". Read More about these services here!


Get Canadian Horse Journal Magazine and Horse & Pony Magazine Subscription Discounts with Membership! Check the NBEA membership walk-through at or the membership application form


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