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 For Competition and Event Organizers:


All Guidelines and Documents for Competition Organizers, LTED, and events. 


It is the responsibility of the event organizer(s) and the facility owner(s) and managers to ensure that all NB Authority and Work Safe NB directives are followed and enforced.  It is understood and agreed that sanctioning and approval of an NBEA event relates to program requirements.  In addition to the approved program outline, it is understood that the host and event organizer has a written Covid-19 operational plan which follows the guidelines and rules of the NB Health Authority.Each clinic or event host must have their operational plan, for which they are solely responsible, available for review upon request by a government official.




 For Everyone:

Covid-19 Information from GNB



Sport New Brunswick 

Frequently Asked Questions

updated April 16, 2021




Embracing the New Normal


 Province of New Brunswick Recovery Plan 

 Current Recovery Stage - Details



 For all Equestrian Interests:


Equestrian Canada - Weekly Updates on Covid-19 Actions




"The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve and as some restrictions are starting to ease in some jurisdictions, we have updated our responses to some of the common questions we have been receiving from Canada's equine community."

 ► CapriCMW Covid-19 FAQs

Updated January 225, 2021


 ► Risk Acknowledgement Templates

        Acknowledgement of Risk and Release of Liability - over age of majority

        Acknowledgement of Risk and Releasr of Liability - under the age of majority

        Covid-19 Attestation form

        Covid-19 Event Participation Waiver

        Covid-19 Facility Waiver


Updated January 25th, 2021



 For Stable Owners & Coaches:


Click to download the printable NBEA Biosecurity Protocol for Reopening Stables


 Other posters:

  ► Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire

  ► How to Self-Monitor


  ► NBEA Guidelines for Boarding Stables

  ► NBEA Guidelines for Resumption of Riding Lessons 

Updated: June 10, 2020



  ► Equestrian Canada Return to Business Framework

  ► EC Sample Self-Declaration Form




 For Horse Owners and Trainers:


EC Return to Competition Guidelines for Sport Horses

 Following a Break in Training due to Covid-19

 May 21, 2020