Jen Hamilton - Jumper LTED 2021 - Lecture

Lower leg position

Rough vs tough

Speed vs impulsion 

Independant seat and hands

A Rider's Perception & keeping the horse in front of the leg





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     Session One - rules, tack, & attire

Know Your Rule Book

Dressage Attire

Dressage Tack

Hunter Horse and Rider

Jumper Equipment

Cross Country Attire


Session Two - entries, divisions/levels/classes, and first competitions







Tune-Up Tuesdays - Fitness Sessions with Equestrians


Carol Mulholland


Veterinary Topics

Veterinarians Chat with the NBEA


  ♦ Vaccines and Vaccination Programs - Dr. Martha Mellish


  ♦ EVH - Equine Herpesvirus - Dr. Kathleen MacMillan


   The Importance of a Coggins Test

                with Dr. Lynn Hood


EGUS - Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome - Dr. Martha Mellish      

General Topics for Horsepeople, Stable Owners, and Equine Businesses


  ♦ The Benefits of a Livestock Premises ID - Dr. Nicole Wanamaker

  ♦ Covid-19 and Your Equestrian Business - Mike King, CapriCMW

  ♦ The Importance of Credentials in the Equine Industry = Mike King, CapriCMW


  ♦ A Chat with Jill Irving - her history, and her path to the Olympics 2021


For coaches, instructors & candidates:

  ♦ EC's Coach Status Program - Explanation and Walk-Through



Horse Grooming Tips and Tricks by Kemberley Shears


 Carol Mulholland Seminar 2020 - Athlete Mindset


 Fear of Failure

Stable Management Video

Sections of the video:

  • Start-6:08 - Horse Safety

  • 6:08-30:53 - Grooming

  • 30:53-40:56 - Saddling

  • 40:56-53:03 - Bridling

  • 53:03-1:00:40 - Removing & Cleaning Tack

  • 1:00:40-1:09:50 - Stable Care & Barn Safety


Other Stable Management Topics:


How to take apart and put together a bridle

How to put on and remove a stable blanket - without leg straps

► How to put on and remove a stable blanket - with leg straps

How to tie up a hay net

How to tie up a hay net - alternate method

How to apply foreleg stable bandages

How to apply hind leg stable bandages


Rider Level Demonstration Videos