Covid-19 Documents for Competitions and Events


For Hosts and Organizers

Competitions, LTED, Non-competitive Events


June 21, 2021

Instructions for Organizers

 To be completed by riders/participants or guardians and submitted to Organizer with entry:

   1a. Acknowledgement of Risk/Waiver – over age of majority (fillable)


   1b. Acknowledgement of Risk/Waiver – under age of majority (fillable)



 To be completed by adults before attending:

 Passive Screening Questionairre 


 To be utilized by Compliance Officer at the entrance to event:

 Information Gathering Form 



 Other resources

 ► Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire - poster

 ► How to Self-Monitor - poster

 ► Wear your mask poster

 ► Physical Distancing poster

 ► Hand Washing poster

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