Rider Level Funding

Attention Coaches and Riders – the NBEA is proud to support the learning efforts of riders through subsidy funding:

For all Western and English Riders

The NBEA will waive the $10 processing fee for all riders who pass a Rider Level Test. 



Rider Level 4  - $50

Rider Level 5  - $65

Rider Level 6  - $75

Rider Level 7  - $85

Rider Level 8  - $100



Rider Level 3 - $50

Rider Level 4 - $50


There is no application required for this subsidy. Riders who successfully complete a Rider Level test will receive a cheque with their certificate. Cheques and certificates will be issued in the order in which the names of the riders are received at the office.

If the budgeted amount for this subsidy is reached prior to November 14th, an announcement will be placed on the website and testers will be notified.