Driving is an all-encompassing equestrian sport, not only because all horse breeds and sizes can be used, but also because it appeals to people of all ages. There are four basic divisions: recreational driving, sanctioned competitions specifically for Pleasure Driving, Combined Driving and draft horses.

Most everyone who drives a horse, pony, very small equine (less than 99 cm.), donkey, mule or zebra enjoys some form of recreational driving. Whether on private property, nearby roads or on the Trans-Canada trail, drivers enjoy exploring the countryside alone or in groups, either spontaneously or organized. Driving appeals to the entire family and spans all ages. It is common to see parents and their children working together and sharing the experience. Examples of some group activities include fun recreational events such as TREC driving or the more formal competitions of Pleasure driving with both ring and cross-country classes being judged on horsemanship, turnout and reinsmanship; or Combined driving – a three competition including Driven Dressage, Marathon and Obstacle-cones components in varying formats from one to three or more days. There are also classes and competitions for those who prefer to drive draft horses, do distance drives, endurance drives and competitive trail driving.

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