Dressage, from the French word for "training" is often described as the art of dancing on horseback or ballet on horseback and is often compared to the freestyle of figure skating.

The art of dressage is a harmonious blend of power, beauty and precision. The sport of Dressage is designed to improve a horse's balance, suppleness and flexibility, as well as improve the communication between horse and rider.

At home dressage consists of several hundred hours of patient nurturing. It takes years to build the necessary strength and fortitude to enable the horse to perform these difficult movements with ease and grace. In the competition ring dressage shows us everything we think a horse should be. They are obedient yet independent, they are explosive yet contained.

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Western dressage is a newer aspect of the discipline. All Dressage New Brunswick competitions offer western dressage classes. The tests can be seen at:

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