Coaching Programs in New Brunswick


 The NBEA administers and promotes the Equestrian Canada Certified Coaching Program and their Coaches and Instructors. National standards for equestrian coaching programs are developed by the National Coaching Committee of Equestrian Canada, in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and Equestrian Canada (EC). The program for Competition Coaches and Instructor of Beginners is administered in each province by the Provincial Sport Office on behalf of Equestrian Canada. Disciplines included in the EC programs are Western, English, Saddle Seat and Driving.


The Equestrian Canada Coaching programs are designed to provide coaches/instructors with the tools necessary to improve athlete development. Whether it is certification programs, clinics, mentorship, or high performance. Ultimately the goal is to provide the equestrian with the best possible experience and skills. By entering the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), coaches continually build on their training and certification by joining coaches/instructors, mentoring, or participating in specialty courses offered in their region or nationally. Next to parents, a coach can be one of the most influential people in creating a positive experience for your child in equestrian sport.


This is a systemic approach developed and adopted by Equestrian Canada to maximize a participant/athletes potential and involvement in our sport. The LTED framework aims to define optimal training, competition, and recovery program based on biological age rather than chronological age. It is athlete centered, coach driven, and administration, sport science and sponsor supported. Another positive aspect of the LTED for coaches and athletes is the fact that it supplies guidance from early entrance into our sport to support for those Equestrians who are "Active for Life".

ROOKIE RIDERS Instructor Program

The national Rookie Riders program is designed to introduce young children to the physical literacy skills associated with riding in a safe and entertaining manner, using a barrel. NCCP certified coaches and instructors can take this training and access barrels to run the program at their stable or summer camp, or run the unmounted sections at other public venues, such as schools, youth clubs, and after-school programs.. 



In addition to the administration and support of the Equestrian Canada Certified Coaching and Instructor program and coaches, NBEA recognizes the following Certifications:

  • Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA)
  • Vault Canada & the Provincial Vaulting Trainer Program
  • Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CANTRA)
  • International Passport Trainers