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Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS)

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Canadian National

Farm and Facility Level Biosecurity Standard

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Biosecurity Information - FEI Veterinary Department






Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines


CAHSS April 2020 Newsletter




AAEP Biosecurity Guidelines - detailed


AAEP Biosecurity Fact Sheet


Biosecurity Guidelines for Organizers & Competitors


Equine Guelph "Beat the Bugs" poster




Equine Herpes Virus Resources

♦ EHV-1 FEI Fact Sheet







  Strangles Resources:

  ♦ Horse Journals article "Getting Ahead of Strangles"

  ♦ Horse Canada article  - Equine Strangles

  ♦ Spotting, Treating, and Preventing Strangles -


Other resources related to veterinary drugs and vaccinations: 


Canadian Veterinary Medicine Association Information Sheet on Incoming Antimicrobial Regulatory Changes


Request Form to Add a Drug to List B




Fact Sheet: Changes to Own Use Importations Regulations


Changes to Use of Medically Important Antimicrobials


National Disease Surveillance and Welfare Conference Calls - Equestrian Canada


Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System


Risk-Based Vaccination Guidelines


Vaccination Guidelines Executive Summary