AVC Scheduled Visits for Summer 2017

Dear Industry representatives:

I would like to thank you for your continued support of the NBDAAF and AVC agreement that provides specialty equine services and referral services through DAAF veterinarians to horse owners in New Brunswick.  I assure you that since the development of this partnership in October 2016 I have worked very hard to provide excellent service to you and your fellow horse owners and have worked many late nights trying to accommodate everyone during a short window of opportunity.  It has been a privilege getting to know the horse owners and horses of NB. 

Due to work commitments in PEI (a national conference and Old Home Week) I will be unable to come to Fredericton in July and August.  Dr. Martha Mellish will be there in my place.  She has extensive experience working with sport horses and I am very confident that she will be able to meet your needs.  As always, owners are more than welcome to make an appointment with me at AVC if there is a need outside of the scheduled visits.

Dr. Kathleen MacMillan and Dr. Martha Mellish from AVC have scheduled the following visits to Fredericton (in-clinic) during summer 2017.  Moncton (on-site) visits will be either scheduled on an as needed basis or added on to a Fredericton visit as time allows.


July 18-20, 2017     Fredericton (in-Clinic) Dr. Mellish

August 22-24, 2017     Fredericton (in-Clinic) Dr. Mellish

September 26-28, 2017     Fredericton (in-clinic) Dr. MacMillan


You can book an appointment directly with AVC by calling 1-844-566-0992. Provide all necessary background information and indicate if you have been working with a DAAF veterinarian. Future AVC visit dates can be obtained by contacting AVC.

If you have any questions or concerns about the service please feel free to contact myself, Greg Sweetland, Nicole Wannamaker or your DAAF veterinarian. 

DAAF veterinarians will continue to provide routine and emergency general practitioner services per usual at:

Bathurst: 506-547-2088 Fredericton: 506-453-2210 Wicklow: 506-392-5101 Grand Falls: 506-473-7755 Moncton: 506-856-2278 Sussex: 506-432-2150

Sincerely, Kathleen MacMillan