NBEA Stable Directory








Balance With Hooves

142 Chemin Jacques Martin

Ste-Anne-de-Madawaska, NB E7E 1M9

Phone: 506-253-7303

Email: [email protected]


Francine Denise

No Boarders EFLW Business

Dream Meadow Stables

1104 Route 130, Grand Falls, NB E3Z 1P2

Phone: 506-473-2972

Email: [email protected]

 1  Cyndy Toner  

English and western lessons, certified coaches, training, indoor arena, trail rides, NBEA rider testing, Large outdoor ring

Corbin Paints & Quarter Horses

2539 Route 390 Plaster Rock, NB

Phone: 506-359-0085

Email: [email protected]


Candice Corbin


FVP Stables

615 Route 560 Jacksonville, NB E7M 3J2

Phone: 506 -328-6190   

Email: [email protected]


Fred Piper

Breeder, Sales of Paint Horses

Green Meadow Stables

1415 Route 103 Wakefield, NB              

Phone: 506-328-6361

Email: [email protected]


Laura Burtt

Indoor and Outdoor Arenas, Offering year round board, with Certified EC Competition Coach English for lessons and training of horses, Over night stabling.


Greenfield Stables

744 Greenfield Road Greenfield, NB        

Phone: 506-503-0010

Email: [email protected]


Amanda White

Boarding, lessons, sales


R & R Stables

49 White Rd, Lakeville, NB E7K 1Y9 

Phone: 506-276-9999

Email: [email protected]


Rayna Doucette

Stallion; Training; Boarding, Clinics, English and Western lessons, Certified Coaches


Stokes Quarter Horses & Equine Services

624 Wilmot Road, Wilmot, NB E7P 2W9

Phone: 506-328-7444

Email: [email protected]

Website: Stokes Quarter Horses & Equine Services


Michael Stokes



Wetmore, John

380 Beardsley Rd, Beardsley, NB E7M 4G7

Phone: 506-328-8151

Mobile: 506-323-0525

Email: [email protected]


John Wetmore



Balsam Creek Stables

18 Balsam Drive, Rusagonis, NB, E3B 8G9

Phone: 506-262-4673

Email: [email protected]


Erin& Jon McManus

Horse boarding


Brae Fearann Eventing and Equestrian Centre

2044 Route 3, Harvey Station, NB E6K 1L4

Phone: 506-366-3692

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Brae Fearann Eventing Facebook

Website: Brae Fearann


Lori Leach & Jeff Carter



Canter-Lope Stables

1656 Hwy 101, Nasonworth, NB E3C 2E1

Phone: 506-455-0862

Email: [email protected]


Elsbeth Kelly & Don Hitchman



Carriage Hill Equestrian Centre

279 Carriage Hill Rd Island View NB E3E 1K4

Phone: 506-261-0854

Email: [email protected]                               

Facebook: Carriage Hill Equestrian Centre FB


Keith Reynolds



Connolly Canadian Equestrian

1259 Rte 105, Maugerville, NB E3A 8K5

Phone: 506-357-7547

Mobile: 506-451-3574

Email: [email protected]


Michael Connolly



Covered Bridge Farm

409 Rusagonis Rd, Rusagonis, NB E3B 8Z1

Phone: 506-357-6926


Wendy & Wesley Hayward



Ebony Fells stable

1065 Kingsley Road Birdton NB  EG6C8

Phone: 506-458-9788 or 506-451-342


Dale Weldon

4 horses 1 boarder Private property

Mostly trail riding horses


Frilly Nicker's Morgan HF Inc.

671 Tripp Settlement RD Keswick Ridge, NB  E6L1X3  

Phone: 506-363-3340 or 506-470-3914

Email: [email protected]


Carol Egers

Private Stable


Geary Hill Stables

31 New Road, Geary, NB E2V 3W3

Phone: 506-357-8229

Mobile: 506-461-1649

Email: [email protected]


Deanna Phelan



Ghost Spring Stables

52 Ritchie Road, Ritchie, NB, E6H 1G9

Phone: 506-324-3186

Email: [email protected]

3 (2)

Colin & Heidi Hume

Board Horses - YES


Haneytown Stables

419 Broad Road Haneytown NB

Phone: 506-238-4883

Email: [email protected]








Melissa White




Private Stable


Hayward, Michael

1643 Wasis Rd, Rte 655, Rusagonis, NB

Phone: 506-455-7808

Mobile: 506-440-2435

Email: [email protected]


Michael Hayward



Pine Fork Stables

1184 route 101 Nasonworth, NB E3C2C2

Phone: 506-273-0518

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Pine Fork Stables FB


Lukus Kinney

 Full care board, Large indoor & Outdoor, Lots of trails


Hidden Haven Farms

2522 Rte 640 Hanwell, NB E3E 2C2

Phone: 506-292-7355

Email: [email protected]

Website: Hidden Haven Farms


Amy Moffitt

English lessons :yes
Western lessons: yes
Training: yes
Board horses: yes
Seasonal: no
Certified coaches: yes

Hidden Brook Farm

210 Upper Durham Rd, Durham Bridge, NB E6C 1C6

Phone: 506-451-2274

Email: [email protected]

Website: Hidden Brook Farm







Pam Allen-LeBlanc 



Keswick River Farms

159 Rte 105 Keswick Ridge E6L1A4                                 

Phone: 506-260-9872 

Email: [email protected]


Jeremy Duplessis



LTDD Stables

410 Rte 105, Nackawic, NB E6G 1T8

Phone: 506-575-8164

Email: [email protected]


Dena Wortman



Lakeview Farm 

66 Route 636 Harvey, NB E6K 1A8

Phone: 506-476-9810 or 506-478-4681

Email: l[email protected]

Website: Lakeview Farm

Facebook: Lakeview Farm FB


Amanda Dyke & Danny Parker


Les Écuries de la Cadence Stables

1280 Charters Settlement Rd, Charters Settlement, N.B

E3C 1W3

Phone: 506-454-9449, 506-471-9708 or 506-471-9709

Email:[email protected]


Nicole Beaulieu & Michael Price

Facility is approximately ten minutes from uptown Fredericton in a country setting with a large outdoor riding ring (130 by 230). We offer: Board, English and western lessons with current certified coaches, rider level preparation and evaluations, competition preparation and shows, mentoring for rider level evaluators.  

Mayberry Farm

26 Sweeney Road, Durham Bridge, NB E6C 1B5

Phone: 506-454-6121

Email: [email protected]



Sarah & Jamie Murch



One Hundred Acres Under the Stars Stable

Bronson Settlement, Chipman, NB E4A 2M6

Phone: 506-339-6067

Fax: 506-339-5446

Email: [email protected]



Lyn & Veronica Saunders



Picket Hill Equestrian Centre

50 Kingsley Rd, Estey's Bridge, NB E3G 6E3

Phone: 506-442-2299

Email: [email protected]

Website: Picket Hill Equestrian Centre

Facebook: Picket Hill FB



Sarah King



Pine Creek (Stables) Arabians

4472 Rte Hwy, Upper Kingsclear, NB E3E 1N2

Phone: 506-363-3081

 [email protected]


Eldon Leslie & Ida Stackhouse



Price Clydesdales 

70 Phillips Road Charters Settlement, NB E3C 1T6

Phone: Jon 506-262-0325

Sara 506-440-1339

Email: [email protected]



Jon & Sara Hayes

Shows a 6 horse hitch of geldings throughout the Maritimes and Ontario.


Rohirrim Farm

1777 Route 620 Royal Road, NB

E3G 6N3

Phone: 506-454-1203

Email: [email protected]

 Zoe and Rien Erichsen-Meesters    

Shadow Lane Farm

64 Smith Road Hanwell, NB E3E 2C4

Phone: 506-447-1763

Email: [email protected]

             Fredericton Pony Club


Heather Touchie Blakely

Private Stable Hosts Fredericton Pony Club Owns 5 horses, 1 boarder. English lessons, summer camps, Certified English Instructor with Jumping


Silverwood Farm

2575 Woodstock Rd, Fredericton, NB E3C 1R1

Phone: 506-476-4803or 506-476-9621

Email: [email protected]

Website: Silverwood Farm



Frank & Kim Taylor



Spent Penny Ranch

1531 Hwy 107, Williamsburg, NB E6B 1W3

Phone: 506-367-1908

Email: [email protected]



Pam McLaughlin



Sterling Creek Stables

54 Burpee St, Noonan, NB E3A 7A2

Phone: 506-450-3929

Mobile: 506-447-7403

Email: [email protected]

Website: Sterling Creek Stables



Cindy McCloskey



Sturgeon Family Clydesdales

155 Holyoke Lane Keswick Ridge, NB E6L 1V7

Phone: 506-471-947

Email: [email protected]



Matt Sturgeon



Sunhill Stables

82 Sunset Blvd., McLeod Hill, NB E3A 6A2

Phone: 506-452-1174

Email: [email protected]



Michelle & Renee DeGarie



Trilogy Farm

401 Kingsley Rd, Kingsley, NB E3G 6C2

Phone: 506-440-8310

Email: [email protected]



Allison Stewart

Offers Boarding


Wilsey Stables

1489 Wilsey Rd, Rusagonis, NB E3B 8H9

Phone: 418-550-0271

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Wilsey Stables FB


Josée Tremblay & Anne-Marie Côté           

Indoor & outdoor boarding, half lease          


York Farm & Stable

264 Scotch Settlement Rd, York Co., NB E6L 1M4

Phone: 506-261-9698

Email: [email protected]

Facebook:<wbr />yorkfarmandstables



Mike Gelb



Ari-Li Sport Morgans

222 Route 870 Collina, NB E5P 1P8

Phone: 506-433-5725

Email: [email protected]

Website: Ari-Li Sport Morgans


Dawn & Walter Brown

Horse boarding Recreational riding and driving Owns 4 horses, 1 boarder Morgan horses


Ben-Adhem Arabians

51 Cougle Rd, Sussex Corner, NB E4E 2S5

Phone: 506-433-4756

Email: [email protected]


Michelle Hodgson




Bluberry Ridge Stable

174 Guthrie Road, Bloomfield NB, E5N 4L3

Phone: 506-651-1791

Email: [email protected]


Melissa McKnight



Butternut Stables

18 Robertson Road, Hampton, NB E5N 6N9

Phone: 506-333-7709

Email: [email protected]

Website: Butternut Stables







Elizabeth Clark

 We offer board, lessons, and Equine Facilitated Mental Health.


Crosswinds Stable

25 Cavaletti Lane Quispamsis, NB E2G 0J7

Phone: 506-849-3050

Cell: 506-650-2373

Email: [email protected]


Patti Forgeron

Owns 3 horses Hunter/Jumper New family-owned stable with 6 stalls


Cedar Crest Farms

184 Rte 850, Kingston, NB E5N 1W2

Phone: 506-832-4341

Email: [email protected]


Cathy Bewick



Darlings Lake Stables

302 Darlings Island Rd, Darlings Island, NB.

Phone: 506-943-5195

Cell: 506-721-6696.

Email: [email protected]


Anika Becker & Cory Jamieson



Donna Munn

249 Menzies Rd

Midland, NB E5T 2H2

Phone: 506-839-2810

Email: [email protected]


Donna Munn

2 horses and 2 “other” Competitive trail/endurance riding


Dream Acres

309 Route 121 Bloomfield, NB E5N 4T1

Phone: 506-832-2474

Sam: 506-647-1888

Cheryl: 506-333-6182

Email: [email protected]




 Cheryl & Sam Hodgin


 Own 4 horses Hunter/jumper Standardbred racing


Estancia Stable

255 Knightville Rd, Smiths Creek, NB E4G 2N6

Phone: 506-433-8636

Email: [email protected]


Hetty & Ian Smyth


Foshay South Eventing

21 Gallagher RD Lakeside NB, E5N7K2

Phone: 506-832-2423 or 506-474-3869

Email: [email protected]

Website: Foshay South Eventing

Facebook: Foshay South Eventing FB

 4  Suzanne & Rob Stevenson  

We offer training and lessons, with student owned and stable owned horses and
ponies as well as all inclusive boarding. Foshay South also hosts 3 or 4 competitions annually.


Galbraith's Stables

7678 Rte 102, Lower Greenwich, NB E5K 4G5

Phone: 506-650-7799

Email: [email protected]  


Brian & Jill Galbraith



Hampton Riding Centre

560 Lakeside Rd, Hampton, NB E5N 3Y6

Phone: 506-650-5999

Email: [email protected]

Website: Hampton Riding Centre



Jennifer Hanson

Owns 11 horses Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Pony Club.Private and Group lessons 9-89 years old


Jennifer MacDougall

2020 Route 705 McDonald’s Point, NB

E5T 4A1

Phone : 506-434-8116                                                            


Jennifer MacDougall

Owns 2 horses 1 boarder Eventing, Endurance


Jorrock Stables

25 Jorrock Lane, Saint John, NB E2N 2A7

Phone: 506-696-7156

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

Website: Jorrock Stables


Dolores & Diane Ferris


Kennedy Stables

Phone: 506-647-0440

Email: [email protected]


Lynn Kennedy


Mountain View Stables

Email: [email protected]



John & Theresa Jackson


Stewart Sporthorses

12 Meadow Lane Blacks Harbour, NB E5H 1A5

Reba: 506-262-1165

Jane: 506-607-5263

Email: [email protected]


Reba & Jane Stewart


River Meadow Stables

2173 Route 121 Norton NB

Phone: 506-651-8245

Email: [email protected]


Tammy Smith

I offer 12x12 matted stalls. Acres of spring summer and fall pastures. Winter paddocks. Heated waters in each paddock. Individual turnout available. Full or part time board and outdoor board available also. 100x200 outdoor ring 70x160 indoor. Heated bathroom. Huge individual lockers.

Rockwood Park Stables

Rockwood Park, Saint John, NB E2L 4A5

Phone: 506-633-7659

Email: [email protected]


Lees Doley


Southfield Farm

255 Pickwauket Rd, Hampton, NB E5N 6J2

Phone: 506-832-0909

Email: [email protected]


Rob & Jean Northup


Valley Run Horse Centre

75 Route 750, Valley Road, NB E3L 4T1

Phone: 506-813-1100

Email: [email protected]








Teri & Bill Imrie


Ammon Stables

472 Ammon Road Moncton, NB E1G 3N4

Phone: 506-383-6008

Email: [email protected]


Priscilla Gillcash


Bear Creek Farm

316 Route 510, Main River, NB E4T 1T2

Phone: 506-212-0032

Email: [email protected]


Wendy Lawson


Western lessons, boarding, certified coaches

Birch Grove Stables

3174 Rte 134, Shediac Corner, NB E4P 3H7

Phone: 506-532-5086

Mobile: 506-533-4290

Email: [email protected]


Ron Hamilton


Bird Stables

2073 Route 134, Lakeville Westmorland County, NB E1H 1N9

Phone: 506-853-8497

Email: [email protected]


Kirt Bird


Broadleaf Guest Ranch

5526 Rte 114, Hopewell Hill, NB E4H 3N5

Phone: 506-882-2349

Fax: 506-882-2075

Toll Free: 1-800-226-5405

Email: [email protected]

Website: Broadleaf Ranch









Wendy Hudson

Certified Western Coach,

Public Trail Rides,

Overnight Riding Packages

Carmaz Stables

45933 Homestead Rd, River Glade, NB   E4Z 6J4
Phone: 506-372-4163


Shawna Rinzler Johnston


J&N's D&D Stables Inc

276 CH Trois-Ruisseaux, Cap Pele, NB E4N 2C1

Phone: 506-577-4033

Email: [email protected]


Nistelle Levesque


Ferme Sassy

736 CH Four Roads, Six Roads N.B,

E1X 2Z5

Phone: 506-397-0286

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Yvette Godin-Comeau  

 5  Yvette Comeau  

2 Horses, Family Property Liberty, Western Classes, Clinics, Field Riding. Own a Missouri Fox Trotter and that the Facility is on a Beach Land. I Own a 3 Box Stall New Barn. 

Tidewater Equestrian Center

705 Pine Glen RD Riverview, NB E1J 1S1

Email: [email protected]


Triple A Farms Inc

2525 Route 134 Shediac Cape NB E4P 3E5.

Phone: 506-532-5324

Cell: 506-229-1302

Email: Triple A Farms 






Keith Andrews



Indoor Outdoor Ring

KA Equine Services

3054 Main St Hillsborough, NB E4H 2Z2

Phone: 506-8780631

Email: [email protected]


Kristen Beck

Offer training, lessons and clinics. Do not offer boarding.

LB Ranch & Tack

1512 Rte 940, Centre Village NB

Phone: 506-536-8899

Email: [email protected]

Website: LB Ranch & Tack


Sylvia Balsor

Boarding stable and Tack shop

Meadow View Morgans

800 Route 855, Intervale, NB E4Z 4Y7

Phone: 506-756-2987

Fax: 506-756-2452

Email: [email protected]


Sylvia Saunders


Morning Star Acres

Harcourt NB

Phone: 506-870-0923

Email: [email protected]

Webite: Morning Star Acers


Gisele Gariepy

Rehabilitation- Rehoming-Rescue Facility

Mountain Range Ranch Ltd.

242 Nixon Rd, Colpitts Settlement, NB E4J 3L5

Phone: 506-871-8386

Fax: 506-372-9757

Cell: 506-871-8386

Email: [email protected]

Website: Mountain Range Ranch/


Rick & Penny McLeod


Pinehill Stables

2567 Route 106, Boundary Creek, NB E1G 4M1

Email: [email protected]


Colleen Carroll-Nisbett


Spring Brook Stables

46934 Homestead Rd, Steeves Mountain, NB E1G 4P1

Phone: 506-850-8225

Email: [email protected]

Website: Maritime Tack


Michelle Bourque


 Indoor & Outdoor Riding arena,

Trails & Cross Country Course

Warmbloods for Sale

Springwater Stables

252 Ammon Rd, Ammon, NB E1G 3N8

Phone: 506-384-5935

Email: [email protected]


Wayne & Marsha Wilson


Spruce Hollow Corral

199 Lutes Rd, Steeves Mountain, NB E1G 3X8

Phone: 506-852-3159

Email: [email protected]

Website: Spruce Hollow Corral


Shani & Jerry Milton


Windy Cove Stables

30 Irving Blvd Suite 200, Bouctouche, NB E4S 3L2

Phone: 506-743-6369

Cell: 506-743-4167

Email: [email protected]


Art McDonough


Windy River Stables

730 Hwy 16 Point de Bute, NB E4L 2N9

Phone: 506-939-5041

Cell: 506-540-1646

Email: [email protected]


Holly Murley


Oak Farm Quarter Horses & Kennels

323 Scotch Settlement Rd, Irishtown, NB E1H 1R2

Phone: 506-383-8374

Fax: 506-855-1030

Email: [email protected]


Beverley Atkinson


Newmans Livestock

4140 Route 108 Upper Derby E9E 2K5

Cell: 506-626-0223

Email: [email protected]


Makayla Newman


Pineview Stable

931 Russellville Rd, Russellville, NB E1V 7G3

Phone: 506-773-6540

Email: [email protected]


Maureen Murray


Saddle Tramp Stables

512 Lockstead Rd, Lockstead, NB E9B 1L8

Phone: 506-843-7994

Cell: 506-424-1010

Email: [email protected]


Sue Saulnier


Cindy Theriault


Phone: 506-724-0973

Email: [email protected]






Cindy Theriault



4 Horses

Ferme Triple T

Lamèque, NB

Phone: 506-337-0084

Email: [email protected]


Sylvette & Rino Thériault

We have a boarding stable. 25 horses A little bit of everything, but mostly reiners

Ferme Gagnon

Village: Inkerman, NB

Téléphone: 506-336-2445

Couriel: [email protected]


Rhéal & Mireille Gagnon

Nombre de chevaux; 6 chevaux et autre animaux

Les ecuries Haché

720 boul. St-Pierre O. Caraquet, NB E1W 1A1

Phone:506-726-6748 or 506-726-7960

Email: [email protected]


Douglas Haché & Sophie-Rose St-Pierre


Sapphire Gypsy Farm

Phone:506-600-0580 or 506-480-0743

Email: [email protected]

Website: Sapphire Gypsy Farm


Philippe Doiron

Western, Private Facility

Seahorse Stable

Pokeshaw, NB

Phone: 506-252-2973

Email: [email protected]


Birgit & Jason Turgeon

Number of horses: 4 (1boarder)Private stable

Tetagouche Stables. ltd

3342 North Tetagouche road North Tetagouche E2A5B5                     

Phone: 506-546-3801                                 

Email: [email protected]  

Website: Tetagouche Stables







Peter & Margie de Graaff




Western 9 horses 12 boarders 

Mountain Brook Stables

48 Mountainbrook Rd, Charlo, NB E8E 2P1

Phone: 506-826-2992

Email: [email protected]


Sonja Jalbert