Information for Competition Organizers




  Nationally Sanctioned Competitions:


 Application for NBEA Competition Officials/Biosecurity Funding 2019 


 Equestrian Canada 


 ♦ Competition Organizers List of Resources

 ♦ Competition Administration Policy handbook 

 ♦ Rule Books for all Disciplines

 ♦ Funding for NEW Bronze Competitions

 ♦ Registration for Bronze Competition Funding

 ♦♦ Results Reporting Form for NBEA Bronze Year-End Points ♦♦



 Provincially Sanctioned Competitions:

 Documents for organizers:

♦ Approval Process for Provincially-Sanctioned Competitions flowchart

♦ NBEA Sanctioned Horse Show/Event Certificate of Insurance

♦ Competition Administration Policy (CAP) 

♦ Approval Process for Provincially-Sanctioned Competitions flowchart

  Provincially Sanctioned DRESSAGE Shows: 


/Image/2018 images/flickr dressage.jpg

 Licensed EC Officials of all levels may officiate at provincially sanctioned   competitions as per the chart below


 *Chart updated May 21, 2018

 Important: EC officials, competitions organizers and PTSOs, please be aware that the EC Liability  Insurance Policy only covers EC officials when officiating at EC sanctioned competitions. When officiating at events sanctioned by other organizations (i.e. PTSOs, USEF, etc.) officials are responsible for obtaining their own liability coverage.