2019 Board of Directors

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Deanna Phelan




Heather Findlay





Kem Shears




Donna McInnis

Treasurer   vacant        











Board Members




What does the Board do?

The Executive and Board of Directors, elected by the general membership, are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organization. At the top of that list of responsibilities is "trusteeship" - taking care of the association's programs, public image and assets.

They are responsible for all funds, allocating money to programs that represent the group's priorities within financial controls to protect the assets and limit the liabilities.

The Board sets goals to reflect the needs of the group, defines obligations, and develops plans to reach the goals within the available budget.

The Board also is responsible for communications within the organization's membership and with the rest of the community - media, potential members, community leaders, other organizations, businesses and government bodies. This is critical to developing and enhancing the organization's public image.









Director at Large


Laura Burtt


Director at Large


Heather Touchie-Blakely


English Coaching Coordinator


Nicole Beaulieu


Western Coaching Coordinator


Cyndy Toner


Disciplines Representative (Hunter/Jumper) 


Megan Touchie


Disciplines Representative (Eventing)


Reba Stewart


Zone Representative


Debbie Thomas




Poul Jorgensen