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Horse Show Coaching Funding

A certified coach who registers in this program may apply to receive funding for traveling with a student or multiple students to a horse show or multiple horse shows for the purposes of coaching the student(s) in their classes.









Obtaining your Coaching Certification is an important life-time achievement. As a certified Equestrian Canada Instructor of Beginners or Coach, your clients and students will know that you have achieved the highest standards in Canada for equestrian coaching, and adhere to best-practices in coaching. The NBEA would like to recognize the time, hard work, and dedication that go into achieving this goal, by offering a $500 grant to up to 10 applicants, upon successful completion of their Instructor of Beginners or Coach certification. [Language French]

L’obtention de la certification est un important jalon de votre vie professionnelle. Votre titre d’entraineur ou d’instructeur pour débutants certifié par Canada Équestre confirme à vos clients et à vos élèves que vous avez satisfait aux normes les plus élevées au Canada en matière d’entrainement équestre et que vous ...