The equestrian sport of jumping falls into two categories: show jumping and hunter. 

Show jumping is one of the three Olympic equestrian disciplines. Horses are guided over a course of colourful obstacles that fall down if struck. The horse/rider combination are penalized for obstacles that have been knocked down or refused, for a foot in the water of a water obstacle, or for taking more than the time allowed to complete the course. Placings are determined by numerical score only. 

In the hunter ring, the horse and rider complete a course of more natural-looking obstacles and are judge on the horse's paces and style over fences. The judges are looking for a safe, sound horse who would carry his rider in safety and elegance over obstacles while riding to hounds in the traditional sport of fox hunting. 

Equestrian Canada Jumping 


J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal Program

Founded in November 2017, provides the opportunity for athlete’s 25 and under to compete in a skills-based jumper medal series. Medal classes will be offered nationwide at the 1.20m – 1.25m level. Athletes who compete in two or more medal classes will be eligible to participate in their regional finals. The top 10 competitors from each region will be invited to compete at the National Finals held in 2018 at the prestigious Royal West.

Travel bursaries will be available to those attending the regional ($1,500 per athlete/horse) and national ($2,500 per athlete/horse) levels. Athlete development bursaries and ribbons will be awarded to 10th place at the National final with $5,000 being awarded to the National Champion.


J.C. Anderson Medal Class Athlete Declaration Form

J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal Program

J.C. Anderson Medal Ribbon order form

J.C. Anderson Legacy Medal - specs for show managers



Rocky Mountain Show Jumping U30 North American 1.30m Championship

The Rocky Mountain Show Jumping Under 30 North American 1.30m Championship was designed to give young athletes the feel and experience of Olympic style competition. The three phase 1.30m championship will be held annually over a three day period at the Rocky Mountain Show Jumping venue in Calgary, Alberta. Athletes from across North America are welcome to compete and can apply for travel bursaries to offset costs.

The championship will award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals to the winners. Athlete development bursaries will be awarded to competitors up to 10th place in the third phase with the Champion receiving $5,000.


RMSJ U30 North American 1.30m Championship


CBC Show Jumping Coverage for 2019