Notice Regarding 2017 Equestrian Canada National Awards

Dear Equestrian Canada stakeholders,

We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with an update regarding the 2017 EC National Awards program.

2017 EC Awards Reception Format

The 2017 EC Awards Reception will take place at the 2017 EC Convention in Vancouver, BC on April 8, 2017.

Please note that the format of the EC Awards Reception has changed for 2017 based on feedback received from previous EC awards celebrations

In order to integrate feedback and suggestions, the goal for the 2017 EC Awards Reception is to ensure the event is shorter in length and therefore includes only the highest-level national awards. In light of this feedback, discipline-specific and coaching awards will not be handed out during the 2017 EC Awards Reception. However, the discipline and coaching awards program will continue for 2017, and recipients will be recognized and displayed via a slideshow presentation during the 2017 EC Awards Reception.

In addition, EC is currently looking into a more suitable way to present the discipline and coaching awards to recipients in 2017. Options being looked at include partnering with Provincial and Territorial Sport Organizations, sport affiliates and breed associations in order to plan an awards ceremony during an existing and relevant event that would be of significance to the recipients and allow them to be honoured by their peers. Another factor in the removal of discipline-specific awards from the EC National Awards Reception was fairness and equal representation of all EC disciplines. Due to time constraints, it is not feasible to hand out awards for all disciplines at the EC National Awards Reception. Rather than have partial representation at one national event, by working with partners to host awards ceremonies at other events, EC is working to ensure that all disciplines are recognized and celebrated.

This decision was taken by the EC Awards Committee, currently formed by Deanna Phelan (Chair), Michael Boyd, Karen Sparks, Phillip Rozon, Jennifer Anstey and Erin Lundteign.

2017 EC Awards Nomination Process

Another change for 2017 is that nominations for all 2017 EC Awards will be open to EC Sport Licence Holders and Provincial/Territorial Sport Organization (PTSO) members - in addition to EC internal stakeholders. The final decision on the 2017 EC Award recipients will remain with the EC Awards Committee, with support and input from appropriate EC stakeholders and experts.

The 2017 EC Awards will open for nominations by end of week (Feb. 3) at and will be communicated and promoted widely.

2017 EC Awards

The following EC Awards will be open for nomination for 2017:


Questions or comments regarding the 2017 EC Awards can be directed to:

Deanna Phelan
EC Awards Committee Chair
[email protected]

Éva Thouvenot
EC Senior Manager, Marketing & Business Development
[email protected]
1-866-282-8395 x 203