Geary Hill Show #2

Geary Hill Stables Equestrian Challenge #2 June 16-17, 2018




2’3 Jumpers  

1st Miss Cherry Pie Chelsea Cooke

2nd Thunderpants

3rd Big Brook Emma Lobinsky


2’3 Jumpers  

1st Miss Cherry Pie

2nd Big Brook

3rd Thunderpants

4th Meggy’s Irish Pride Karlee Dumont

5th Wild Tango Lucie Pearson


2’6 Jumper 

1st Gameboy Bailey Chapman

2nd Big Brook

3rd Handsome Samson  Nicole Beaulieu

4th Stellar Storm Megan Craft

5th Wild Tango


2’6 Jumper 

1st Gameboy

2nd Sheeze Under my Thumb

3rd Stellar Storm


2’9 Jumper 

1st Paparazzi

2nd Gameboy

3rd Disco Inferno


2’9 Jumper 

1st Paparazzi

2nd Disco Inferno


Intro Hunter Division


1st class over fences

1st Fonzarelli

2nd Spice Girl  Destiny French

3rd Elliott Lake  Isabel Lacroix

4th Light’em up Claire Park


2nd class over fences 

1st Fonzarelli

2nd light’em up

3rd Speice Girl

4th Elliott Lake


Under Saddle 1st Fonzarelli

2nd Light’em up

3rd Elliott Lake


Low Hunter Division

1st in all three classes

     Waldese de Hanomar - Anne Marie Cote


Jr A Equitation 

1st Anne Marie Cote

2nd Claire Park


Jr B Equitation 

1st Jill Finnegan

2nd Sophie Litalien


Jr C Equitation

1st Bex Finnegan

2nd Ruby Finnegan

3rd Shawn Park


Pony Pleasure

1st The Gingerbread Man

2nd Cocomo Joe Shawn Park


Pony Road Hack 

1st The Gingerbread Man


Junior Road Hack 

1st Light èm up