English Updating Requirements

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Equestrian Canada, along with the Coaching Association of Canada, believe it is important to have highly knowledgeable and competent coaches and instructors that continue to advance their knowledge and develop skills, which results in ensuring a high quality learning environment for equestrians at all levels.

In the Continuing Education Professional Development (CEP) program an Equestrian Canada NCCP English Coach or Instructor may be recognized at one of the three levels of professional development based on the number of credits accumulated in a three (3) year cycle.

Please note a minimum of 20 hours is required for a certified Equestrian Canada NCCP English Coach or Instructor to maintain a current status with their certification.


50 Credit Hours 35 Credit Hours 20 Credit Hours

Status will be recognized on the Provincial Web Page and Provincial Recognition will be awarded


To participate in the CEP program certified Coaches and Instructors:

  • are responsible to track their eligible continuing education activities completed throughout the three (3) years period
  • must ensure the Continuing Education Record form is completed and returned to the Provincial Coaching Department where this information will be held in your coach or instructor file
  • Submitting this information to your Provincial Coaching Department, by the respective Provincial deadline, will help ensure recognition and maintenance of an active coach or instructor certification is recognized
  • ensure each continuing education activity being claimed for credit is fully detailed on your Continuing Education Record forms. Any activities with incomplete description or documentation will not be credited
  • are aware that only continuing education activities listed on the updating activities page may be claimed for credit
  • Additional credits hours earned in one CEP three (3) year cycle may not be carried over into the next three (3) cycle, unless extenuating circumstances are accepted and approved by the provincial Master Course Conductor
  • must continue to participate in the CEP program to earn the necessary credits to maintain an active coaching or instructing status with Equestrian Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada
  • Once a coach or instructor's Continuing Education Record forms have been verified an active status will be recognized for three (3) consecutive years.

For a list of the continuing education activities which are eligible for credits please go to:

Continuing Education Program Chart

On behalf of Equestrian Canada and the National English Coaching Committee we applaud all of our active coaches and instructors. Thank you for your dedication and continued support to advancing equestrian athletes and the Equestrian Canada NCCP coaching profession.