A certified coach who registers in this program may apply to receive funding for traveling with a student or multiple students to a horse show or multiple horse shows for the purposes of coaching the student(s) in their classes.

Every certified coach who registers may apply for funding of $50 per student, if they travel to a sanctioned competition in New Brunswick and coach competitors “new to” Bronze, Silver, or Gold sanctioned competitions. There will be a funding limit of four competitors per coach at each competition.


  1. Encourage coaches to take students to sanctioned competition.
  2. Introduce new competitors to sanctioned competition.

Coaching Criteria:

  • Coaching certification must be up to date, along with paid licenses and memberships
  • Open to all levels

Competitor Criteria:

  • Must be a member of the NBEA and hold an EC sport license for the level in which they are competing
  • Must not have competed/traveled to more than one sanctioned competition in the previous two years
  • Must enter and compete in three performance classes or one dressage test, or one combined test, or two patterns at an eligible competition.


  1. The coach must register with the NBEA by May 1st, in order to apply for funding.
  2. Each coach should indicate the number of students and the number of competitions in which the students plan to compete.
  3. Coaches must reapply if they wish to add additional students or competitions.
  4. Funding applications must be submitted within one week of each competition.
  5. All applications for funding must be signed by the coach, competition steward or competition manager.

Download details and application forms here.